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How is the domestic market for gashapon machines in 2021?

How is the domestic market for gashapon machines in 2021? 

There are just a few mall resources. The first type of gashapon machines has been occupied early. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there is a phenomenon of a mall with different floors being put by different operators. What is the market for gashapon machines in the domestic market in 2021? 

gashapon machine

The explosive growth of China's gashapon machine industry lies in the world's leading mobile payment system and mobile payment, which has driven many industries to achieve convenience, and the gashapon machine is spreading rapidly in China, and playing a gashapon is between 10-20 yuan. Come as a toy for the child, this is all the change, and I don’t care anymore. The development of the domestic gashapon machine is a unicorn in the Japanese gashapon machine market, the Hong Kong gashapon machine market, and even the North American gashapon machine market. It is a unique advantage in China. 

In addition, there are many gashapon machines in the children's playground, movie theater resources in shopping malls, and gashapon machines on the catering floors of shopping malls. After eating, drinking and playing, they like to take a gashapon away. This has become a normal state, because the gashapon toys Selling IP, there is a kind of sentiment in it. It is the cartoon characters that everyday children like. Because of the wide variety of choices, consumers are attracted to reduce consumption sensitivity, maximize consumption demand, and post data It is very convenient to manage, which is also a very influential driving force for the development of gashapon machines. 

The various shapes of the gashapon IP model decorations in the gashapon machine are very attractive to young people and children, and most of them are parents with children and young people for consumption. On the one hand, most parents are willing to pay to satisfy their children’s interest; on the other hand, people play gashapon machines and have a mentality of wanting to collect. Some genuine gashapons need to be pre-sold and will disappear after production. The single consumption amount is more than 10 yuan, and more than 100 yuan. 

For merchants, the gashapon machine is a popular entertainment device suitable for all ages. The investment cost is not high, and there is no need to hire people to look at it. The main thing is that the model that can be copied can achieve a short-term occupation of commercial aisles to distribute goods. In the era of consumer sovereignty, people’s demand for trendy elements is becoming more and more individualized. The content of gashapon toys has become a new way of decompression. What will happen to the domestic gashapon market? The editor dare to guess that as long as the trend of the elements will continue in the gashapon machine, because the sales model of the gashapon machine must be an egg, the style is updated, and the content of the gashapon keeps up with this business model. This business model has room for sustainable development. The next market development of the gashapon machine will reach the venues of some big players who have come in across industries. It is the B2C retail model that has a lot of IP in hand and directly connects consumers with the gashapon machine. Wait and see. 


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