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The profit method for the operation and launch of the gashap

The profit method for the operation and launch of the gashapon machine.

The operation of the gashapon machine is not just a simple purchase of some gashapons to make money easily, but a technical job that requires enough patience and meticulousness. If there are gashapon machine manufacturers to share, it will greatly increase profitability. Generally speaking, there are several gashapon machines. Link problem:

Regarding the operation of gashapon machine manufacturers, we have been in the market for nearly 10 years of unmanned display operations. As early as 2012, we have been exposed to crane machines, gashapon machines, market operations, and analysis of specific actual combat methods for the profit of gashapon machines. :

gashapon machine

   One, clear address selection

   Today, there are still most of the operators who can’t find a place yet. Most of the operations of gashapon machines are large-scale comprehensive shopping malls, which are popular locations, but the problem is that the place is just a little bit. With many people asking, the merchants are also rising. Here is a standard for finding venues: low rent , High consumption, staying time, and more young children are good places. According to this standard, shopping malls may not be the best. Pay more attention to the surrounding areas, such as parent-child restaurants, children’s playgrounds, surrounding children’s development projects, some regional children’s parks, and secondly children’s hospitals. In the location, the gashapon machine is no longer only for young people. Now the market for children is huge.

  Introduction to the gashapon machine, the actual gameplay of the profitable gashapon machine

   2. The crowd positioning of the gashapon (who sells the gashapon to)

   This is the main item in the placement of the gashapon machine. It is not that you buy the eggs if you think they are good. It is the consumer group at the place where you buy the right gashapons. You need to find a gashapon that matches their personality.

   is embodied as:

   (1), cute type: cute, personalized gashapon

   (2), cute: cute animal-shaped gashapon

   (3). Popular IP: Gundam that boys like, and what kind of genuine IP

   (4). Practicability: such as keychains, personalized ornaments

We have divided this type of gashapon. Most girls who see this type of gashapon don’t hesitate and like to play. They are also willing to share this gashapon machine with their friends. Good gashapons have a good tendency to turn heads. , There have been multiple purchases and multiple purchases.

1. Capsules are for children: children are divided into two types: young children and 7-8 years old in elementary schools. Young children require as much toys as possible, and toys that are assembled for activities can be used. For example, a small car in Car Story is a kind of parent coax. Children’s needs are concerned about price and practicality. Children between the ages of 7-8 are interested in toy IP. If the popular cartoon characters get them in the gashapon machine, they will show off for a long time.

  2. Gachas for young people: boys or girls, girls with cute animal shapes, mainly for this kind of cute, boys are interested in IP, and the genuine IP is very attractive to most boys to buy.

   Capsule machine manufacturers operating gastronomy machine entry profit method

   Three, the choice of the appearance of the gashapon machine

At present, the appearance and shape of the gashapon machines on the market are different, uneven, and various problems caused by the gashapon machines continue. Most of the gashapon machines are sold mainly by flicking. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the second-hand platform to know what kind of twisting. The appearance of the egg machine is the most second-hand traded. The unmanned self-service placement of the gashapon machine is easy to be cold. There are requirements for the appearance of the gashapon machine and the structure of the machine.

   1. The turnover of the gas-cap machine lighting design increased by 30-40%

We have done experiments, and the twist ring of the gashapon machine has the same lighting design and the non-light design. The monthly turnover of the lighting design has increased by more than 30%. The reason is that the child with the flashing light thinks it is very Like, it's amazing.

  2. The appearance of the machine is transparent and there are samples to display to increase trust

The appearance of the capsule machine is made of transparent PVC material. There are samples of capsules on the top. It is a good choice to put a few samples on the credibility. If the capsules are not visible or there are no samples for airtightness Under the circumstances, it’s not a very good experience, and sane consumers are rarely willing to spend money to experience it.

  3, price display function

  Most of the gashapons still have no price display. You need to scan the code to know what the price of the gashapon machine is. This way consumers are confused and even too lazy to scan the code to see the price. Will it be expensive? Forget it or stop playing this kind of psychology.

  4. Capsule machine system performance

Most of the gashapon machines are managed remotely by his mobile phone. The smarter gashapon machines are no longer the mechanical egg ejectors of the past. The unplugged ones are very old and smart. The management system is very worry-free when no one is placed. For standardized management, the scale can be especially experienced. Before purchasing the gashapon machine, do you need to understand the ease of management? The data can see those and which types of payment systems in the market are divided into. Those are the best. That is not very good. It needs to be understood clearly. Some pan-platforms cannot meet this level.

  5. The design of the gashapon machine is simple and clear

The design protagonist of the gashapon machine is always the gashapon. The old white machine looks atmospheric, and the fancy look is very low. It can bring out the gashapon. The poster of the gashapon, the sample display of the gashapon, the gashapon. It can be seen on the egg warehouse machine to meet this type of demand.

The fast profitability of the gashapon machine is to meet the above conditions. Choose the one that has an advantage in the comparison of the purchase price, because the cheap one is really not good. The traditional coin-operated machine cannot meet the current main payment needs, don't you think Coin-insertion is fun and interesting, but in actual operation, the common problem of coin-insertion is card currency. Foreign currency or failure rate gives you a headache. The above is to share the profitability methods of gashapon machine manufacturers.


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